About Us - Who We Are

M.S. Primates was originally founded by Shane and Stephanie Corcoran as a small website design company. As a family-run business with word-of-mouth serving as our primary advertisement method, we take our continued success as a testament to the quality of work we provide to our customers. We take pride in the niche we have made ourselves, working with small businesses, changing perspectives along the way, that their companies should have representation on the internet and that they do not need to break the bank to get this.

With so many larger website development companies out there it is easy to fall into a belief that your small business website will cost you thousands of dollars. The truth of the matter is often times businesses are oversold a website that provides more than they truly need or can sufficiently use. We pride ourselves on providing all options to our customers, not compromising on quality, but customizing the services we offer to each individual customer in a manner that will provide them a practical, affordable, and successful website.